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Daphne Corcoran's 
Bonnie Bairns

Bonnie Bairns is run by Daphne Corcoran. I was born and grew up in The Netherlands. I now live with my family in Stonehaven, Scotland. My love for arts and craft has kept me busy and learning new skills is a key part of this. Sewing has been at the root of it all but has branched out into all directions. It is in everyone to create and by doing so to enjoy. Sharing this knowledge  gives me great pleasure. I love teaching children and adults alike. 

 Bonnie Bairns

I love working with fabric in the broadest sense. I sew, I sculpt, paint, create and teach. 

I have worked with fabric for over 40 years , it all started when I sat next to my mum who was a professional seamstress. 

Bonnie Bairns was born when I had shown a friend how to make a wrap around dress for her 3 year old daughter. She suggested I should set up sewing classes and sell my wares and makes. 

Bonnie Bairns is now an umbrella for a whole variety of things. Alterations, sales of children's clothing,

sales of fabric sculptures. Courses and workshops. To teach people is a real joy and I love it when my students go on to make their own creations.

I grew up in The Netherlands but I now live with my family in Scotland. I went to school and I received my formal training in the Netherlands. In later years when the children were younger I concentrated on ceramics which was both very enjoyable and challenging. I have been able to combine my love for sculpting and fabric.

It was in 2015 that I rediscovered fabric sculpting. A new fabric hardener came onto the market and I was instantly hooked. It has many applications. It can be the base for clay and stone art as well as being used on a canvas. I became a certified tutor for the company that makes it, (Powertex UK) in September 2016.     
Being busy with Art and Craft is what I love best but making can be a lonely business. The sharing of my skills and watching others grow confidence and find joy is very rewarding part of my work.  I teach sewing classes, both to groups but also private lessons.  At the Aberdeen Art Centre I am one of the 4 tutors of "Stage Craft" where we teach crafts used in conjunction with theatre productions. Also more recently I have joint forces with a spiritual healer. We aim to bring better mental health through craft. These courses are called: "Your healing hands" which says it all. 


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