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Your Healing Hands

“Your Healing Hands” is an Self Healing Craft Group developed by Shonagh Brown
and Daphne Corcoran

The aim & purpose of the group is to promote Wellness, Self-Healing, Self-
Development, and Confidence Building through relaxation, meditation & craft.

In the group sessions we will guide, support and encourage you to tune into
yourself, explore your creativity and heal yourself by using your own hands.

Every session will open with a short group relaxation & guided meditation led by
Shonagh. Once in a comfortable and relaxed state Daphne will lead the group into
exploring a variety of mediums, for example, pastels, fabric, watercolour painting and claywork.

During the session we will stop for a refreshment break. The sessions will be
closed with a short expression of gratitude by Shonagh.
Our aim is to provide a safe and non competitive space, in which you can start
your own “Journey of self-healing” through the use of your own hands.

Every course runs over a 4 week period. Each session lasts for 2.5 hours.
This includes all materials and refreshments. Limited Spaces Available (6
participants in total)

Due to a variety of reasons we don't have any classes planned at the moment. The main reason being that our location is out of service due to flooding.

We are able to offer the course on location in and around Aberdeen. For more information please contact us. 

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